We say “carbon fiber,” but what we really mean is “carbon-fiber composite”—it's not the only material in your frame. That's because carbon fiber's incredible stiffness properties come at a price: On its own, it is quite brittle and prone to splitting and cracking.

 But, acctually, carbon fiber is a stronger material than steel, This natural carbon fiber replacement is made from something called ampliTex, which is made from flax.,even though it's significantly lighter. In the auto world, carbon fiber is ideal because it lowers the vehicle's weight while still being able to withstand the stresses of racing at high speeds. 

Carbon fiber can add value to a car, the value of carbon fiber is much higher than its aluminum or steel counterparts. Because the material is stronger, lighter, and can contribute to longer part lives; the value to the consumer is much greater than the true cost to the manufacturer. 

The structure of a carbon fiber material is extremely stable. Carbon fiber car parts are able to absorb large amounts of impact energy. This means that, used in the right places, carbon fiber helps to increase vehicle safety. Another advantage of carbon is its low specific weight. 

Whether it is dry carbon fiber or wet carbon fiber, the decorations made of them are very beautiful and widely loved by people.


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