M3 (F80) Modifications

If you’re anything like me, you love the BMW M3. The M3 has everything you could want in an Ultimate Driving Machine. It’s fast, exciting, aggressive and best of all…. it’s a BMW. BMW has a variety of modifications for their M lineup and the M3 is no exception. After countless hours of research and polling multiple BMW M3 owners about their favorite modifications, I have compiled a top 5 mods list. I hope my list is helpful to both the fellow M3 enthusiast and new M3 drivers. Enjoy!

1.M Performance Exhaust System

In my opinion, one of the most exciting modifications BMW has for the M3, the M Performance Exhaust System. This modification is what makes driving enthusiasts giddy. The titanium and stainless-steel exhaust system improve the quality of sound and volume of BMW’s powerful S55 motor. When the M3 is in Sport or Sport+ Mode, that’s when you’ll have the biggest grin on your face. The exhaust valves open and you’ll get the feel of what driving a racecar is all about. The M Performance Exhaust System is heat resistant which improves the exhaust flow and gives the car better performance. Enthusiasts can choose between titanium or Carbon Fiber tips when purchasing the M Performance Exhaust System. With a weight reduction of roughly 17 pounds over the stock exhaust, the M Performance Exhaust for the M3 is a definite must-have for an F80 enthusiast.

2.M Performance Suspension

Also known as the coilover suspension, the Performance Suspension significantly gives your M3 a more dynamic, stiffer ride. This modification is best used for track purposes but can be used for a driver who enjoys more of a spirited drive, like myself. The M Performance Suspension even changes the appearance of the car. Lowering the car not only produces a more dynamic driving feel, but also reinforces the M3’s aggressive appearance. The height adjustment has a range from 5 mm to 20 mm. If you prefer an even sportier ride, I highly suggest the M Performance Suspension.

3.M Performance Electronic Steering Wheel

This BMW M Performance Steering Wheel is an excellent addition for any BMW performance enthusiast. This steering wheel comes standard with Shift Indicator Lights, 0-60mph, Quarter Mile and Lap times, lateral and longitudinal acceleration values and displays Efficient Dynamics data. Pretty cool, right?  The genuine Carbon Fiber adds a racing feel and exclusivity. The steering wheel is fully wrapped with Alcantara to provide exceptional grip and comfort for extreme driving situations. The M Performance Electronic Steering Wheel will make an enthusiast love their car more than they already do.

4.M Performance Front Splitter

The M Performance Front Splitter was designed to decrease lift in the front of the vehicle and enhance the sporty, aggressive look of the M3. BMW recommends purchasing the Front Splitter with the M Performance Rear Spoiler for intense balanced aerodynamics and aggressive visual appeal. Two options are available for you to choose from for the M Performance Front Splitter: Carbon Fiber for lightweight sportiness or Matte Black which can be painted to your choosing.

5.M Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

The M Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler is one of the sleekest aesthetically functioning modifications to the F80. Every BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler is carefully made by hand. The high-quality carbon fiber spoiler intensifies the cars aggressiveness. The spoiler is clear coated to prevent discoloration and corrosion caused by sunlight. Luckily, our factory trained technicians are very familiar with installing the spoiler so the enthusiast has nothing to worry about. Not only does the spoiler make your F80 look awesome, it even has a purpose to it. If you want the best use out of the M Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler, a racetrack is the place to be. This mod slightly increases downforce so when you're at top speeds on Monticello or Circuit of the Americas, your M3 is more stable. If you want even better results, I highly recommend installing the M Performance Front Splitter.


Hopefully this top 5 mods list will help any current or future M3 owners enthusiasts. The M3 is a topnotch vehicle to own and I am very happy to say I own one.

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