Custom Exhaust Tips: Make a Statement with Your Tailpipes
Exhaust systems used to be made of cheap iron. But most manufacturers these days use resilient stainless-steel pipes—to ensure that emissions systems last the life of a vehicle. But you’re not stuck forever with what came standard in your ride. Instead, owners wanting to make a style statement can upgrade to a set of custom exhaust tips.
A new set of exhaust tips can be an in-your-face fashion statement or add a subtle touch of class. Either way, the exposed part of your tailpipe is usually the last thing others see as you speed away. So, Kipalm give it some love. Here are some options to consider.

1.Polished or Black
The finish of the tailpipe is usually either chrome or stainless steel. If you want the shiny piece of metal to look its best, you’ll want to occasionally polish it up with a kit to remove the exhaust residue. Otherwise, it will slowly take on the grimy look from the pipe’s exhaust fumes.
To avoid showing any exhaust residue, consider switching to black tailpipes. The black look can be a big plus if you drive a soot-producing diesel. Depending on your car’s color combination, black pipes visually recede from the car’s curbside appearance. Besides, they look sleek.

2.Burnt Blue or Other Flame Tips
You probably have seen drag racers that shoot a flame from the exhaust. That’s unspent fuel coming into contact with the hot exhaust fumes.
That flame will dull a tailpipe finish and leave a blue discoloration. But if you like that look, then go with a set of pre-scorched blue-flame exhaust tips.

3.Installing Custom Exhaust Tips
Most tailpipe extensions are secured to the existing exhaust with a screw or clamp. First, measure the current exhaust diameter to ensure the new extension fits.
Depending on the extension, you might want to cut off the existing tailpipe by a few inches to avoid the new tailpipe sticking out too far. If you have dual tailpipes, make sure they line up and are level. However, perfection is not required. Exhaust tips are one accent piece on a car that can easily swap out throughout the year.

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