What is an exhaust downpipe ?

Downpipes are tubing sections that connect the turbocharger's exhaust side to the vehicle's exhaust system's start, allowing spent exhaust gas to depart the engine. Catalytic converters are also found in downpipes, which reduce dangerous gas emissions during operation. The efficiency of a downpipe has a direct impact on turbo spool and performance due to its position immediately after the turbo.

Types of downpipes

High-flow catted/cat-less

The only difference between them is the inclusion or exclusion of a catalytic converter.


Unrestricted exhaust flow is the primary benefit of a cat-less downpipe. The downpipe is a straight tube without a cat, allowing exhaust gases to exit the turbo as quickly as possible.

A catted downpipe provides a substantially faster rate of flow than stock hardware while retaining catalytic converters, improving environmental protection and boosting the likelihood of passing yearly emissions tests.


The environmental impact of unfettered exhaust flow is the most evident drawback. Even in states with permissive regulations, a car with a cat-less downpipe is exceedingly unlikely to pass emissions testing.

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