There Is a Blockage Somewhere

If the exhaust pipes make a chugging noise, you likely have a blockage within the system that is preventing it from functioning as it should.


The Silencer Becomes Corrode

Silencers often require professional service given their location away from the engine. An excess of acidic moisture over time distorts the silencer and results in a variety of startling noises within the exhaust system.


There Are Cracks in the Exhaust System

Hearing an unusual noise is one sign that you need repairs.

Be sure to check which section of the car is leaking to get a proper diagnosis. Front engine leaks can mean damage to the manifold or gasket, while leaks in the back often indicate a problem with the muffler.


Rust Formation

Your exhaust system is susceptible to rusting, which triggers the need for exhaust repairs and replacements. You can check the extent of damage yourself by taking a screwdriver or similar tool and poking the area.If the component feels loose or part disintegrates upon poking it, you’ll need to replace it.


Someone recently bought a

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