How to clean your exhaust tip?

Step 1. Clean

For the exterior of the exhaust head, apply car wash soap around the exhaust head and wipe it with an old ultra-fine fiber cloth.

For the interior of the exhaust head, first mix car soap and some water in a bucket. Next, dip your cylindrical brush in soapy water and thoroughly scrub the inside.

If you haven't cleaned your exhaust head for a period of time, there may be grease accumulation on the outside and inside. You can quickly remove grease by using degreaser or universal cleaner and old cloth cleaning.

Rinse the exhaust device with water, wash off all soap, degreaser, and dirt, and then dry with an old cloth. Once the exhaust head is completely dry, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Wipe with steel wool

Apply degreasing oil or General Motors cleaner and let it stand for two to three minutes. Then, take ultra-fine steel wool and start scrubbing the tip and exhaust front.

Wipe for three to four minutes. Depending on how dirty your exhaust is or how clean you want, you can scrub it for 10 minutes.

Once you have scrubbed the exhaust head, rinse with water and dry with a cloth. Steel velvet is excellent in cutting stubborn stains on metal surfaces, and should be able to eliminate almost all stains on the exhaust head!

Step 3. Polishing

Your car's exhaust pipe should be clean. However, to restore the same gloss as a new car, polishing is an essential step in the cleaning process.

Although you can use many metal polishing chrome exhaust tips, a specialized chrome polishing will get your best results.

Ensure that the exhaust tip is completely dry and covers the entire exhaust tip with a layer of polishing using your fingers. It allows you to cover all corners and gaps with polishing and achieve a consistent finish.

Let the nail polish stand for a few minutes, then wipe it with an old microfiber cloth. Then, rub and polish in circles for a few minutes until the surface of the exhaust tip begins to glow.

Step 4. Keep Shine

It is necessary to maintain the frequency of cleaning once every few weeks Otherwise, the long cleaning before is meaningless


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